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Wethersfield Community Survey on the Future of Our Elementary School Buildings  

The Wethersfield Board of Education is gathering feedback from the public about our elementary school buildings. Although the 2022 Referendum failed, we are now moving forward with next steps to create a new long-range building plan that we hope will be approved in the future. Note that there are other factors that may decide some of these matters for us, but we feel it is important to first hear your input.

Please take a few minutes to answer this brief online survey by clicking this link:

This survey is anonymous and will run for approximately two weeks.

*Tip for cell phones: a few questions will require you to slide your screen to the left to rank your choices.

WPS - Looking to the Future

We are excited to introduce the Wethersfield Public Schools: Looking to the Future video series and revised Wethersfield Public School Strategic Plan!  This ongoing video series is designed to showcase the three pillars of Empathy, Achievement, and Equity.  

Please join us in celebrating our students, staff, and the amazing things happening in our schools as our students become great communicators, problem solvers and collaborators.

Central CT Health District April Newsletter

Discover the Latest Insights on Healthy Living and Community Health in the April Edition of the Central CT Health District Newsletter! 


Our Mission

Wethersfield Public Schools (WPS) has three priorities to improve student and family outcomes and to ensure that each student engages in personalized learning opportunities in an inclusive environment.  WPS demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and the use of knowledge and skills beyond the walls of the school.  

EMPATHY: Build a positive, empathetic, and safe community and increase effective communication. 

ACHIEVEMENT: Focus on student achievement through implementation of innovative, inclusive instruction and evidence-based practices.

EQUITY: Deliberately identify inequities in our policies and practices that impact our community, and change structures to ensure equitable outcomes for all, by specific characteristics, and specifically by race.

Wethersfield Social Justice Coalition