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Children eligible to enter Kindergarten in August 2024 must reach their 5th birthday on or before September 1, 2024

Welcome to Wethersfield Public Schools

Registration for students in grades Pre-K through 12 occurs through an on-line registration process.

If you do not have access to a computer please visit the Wethersfield Public Library or contact

Suzanne Curtin in the Registration Office at 860-571-8162 for assistance.

Please follow the three steps below to register a new student in one of the Wethersfield Public Schools. 

If your student is a Wethersfield resident, he/she must be registered with our school system, even if he/she plans to enroll at a regional Magnet, Technical or Vo-Ag school. 

Step 1 -  Carefully review the following:

Step 2 - Complete the Online New Student Registration process.

You will create a new account first. Save your login information in case you need to return to this site. Please note, your registration is not complete until you have completed step #3 and are approved by the Wethersfield Public Schools Residency Officer.

Step 3 - Contact your new school.

At the completion of your online pre-registration, you will be prompted to contact your child's school. A list below has been provided to you of these contacts. You will be asked to provide several required documents which are listed when you complete the online process. The information is also listed above in step #1, Registration and Residency Requirements. Please continue with the registration process even if the health form is not yet complete. The health record must be on file prior to the student's first day of school; but do not delay the registration process while waiting to complete the physical exam. 

Wethersfield High School

411 Wolcott Hill Road


Amy DeVaux

Silas Deane Middle School

551 Silas Deane Highway


Debra Murphy

A.W. Hanmer Elementary

50 Francis Street


Lisa MacGovern

Charles Wright Elementary

186 Nott Street


Samantha Gervais

Emerson-Williams Elementary

461 Wells Road


Mary Lacy

Highcrest Elementary

95 Highcrest Street


Cindy Amoddio

Samuel B. Webb Elementary

51 Willow Street


Rosanna Tufano

To register for the 2024-2025 school year please click the pink button below.

Important Notes About PreSchool Registration

Please do not register your preschool student unless you have been notified that your child has been accepted into the program.

Families of children who do not require special education services that would like their child to attend the Wethersfield Public School Preschool program as a peer playmate must enter a lottery. This lottery is held in the spring prior to the upcoming school year.  Typically, 18 peer playmates will be selected to participate in the prek 3 program. Once a child is accepted into the program, he/she do not have to reenter the lottery for the following school year for the prek 4 program. A prek 4 lottery will only be held if openings are available for the upcoming school year. The Pre K lottery ends on March 8th. 

Lottery Process

Important Notes About Kindergarten Registration

NEW Children eligible to enter Kindergarten in August 2024 must reach their 

5th birthday on or before September 1, 2024

**Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, children need to turn 5 years old on or before September 1st in order to be automatically eligible for kindergarten.  This is a change from the current cutoff date January 1st.  Please read the New Age for Kindergarten Entry document for more information on this new state law.

Kindergarten registration begins on February 1st each year.  Please register your kindergarten student prior to May 1st. School-based orientations for parents are tentatively scheduled in May. This orientation provides parents the opportunity to meet staff and learn more about the kindergarten program and the school.

Story Time, a school visit for the new kindergarten students, will also occur in May.  Parents will receive information regarding Story Time, once their child has been registered. 

If you plan to withhold your child from kindergarten for the school year, Connecticut State Law 98-243 requires that you personally appear at the elementary school and sign a document indicating that your child will be held out for the year. The purpose of the legislation is not to interfere with the rights of parents but to provide information to assist in making an informed decision.

School Health Services

If you wish to speak with the school nurses, please call the school nurse at the school your child will attend.  

Each Wethersfield School is staffed by a professional registered nurse who oversees the school health program. The school nurse works as a liaison with other school personnel, families, and the community regarding the health and well being of the students. 

The following is a partial list of the services provided on a routine basis.

Children Requiring Medication

Children who require medication in school must have on file with the school nurse a written order from their physician and written permission from a parent or guardian. The parent must supply the medication. These forms may also be obtained from the school nurse. 

Authorization for the Administration of Medication Form

School Nurses 

Wethersfield High School

Nancy Miller, BSN RN NCSN

(860) 571-8200 or  (860) 571-8259

Silas Deane Middle School

Linda Ciarcia, BSN RN

(860) 571-8300

A.W. Hanmer Elementary

Kimberley Fleury, BSN RN

(860) 571-8370

Charles Wright Elementary

Elda Marcelynas, BSN RN

(860) 571-8350

Emerson-Williams Elementary

Kathleen Maffuid, BSN RN NCSN

(860) 571-8360

Highcrest Elementary

Judy Pluskota, BSN RN

(860) 571-8380

Samuel B. Webb Elementary

Maria Valentino, BSN RN

(860) 571-8340

Corpus Christi School

Susan Cowan, RN

(860) 529-7261

Home Instruction Information

Parents/Guardians choosing to provide home instruction for their child must complete a Notice of Intent.  

Once completed, please send the signed form to: 

Wethersfield Public Schools 

Attn: Office of Curriculum & Instruction

127 Hartford Ave, Wethersfield, CT 06109 

OR email:

Home Instruction


Please contact the Assistant Superintendent's Office for more information - 860-571-8142