Finance and Operations

Office of Finance and Operations

Wethersfield Board of Education

127 Hartford Avenue

Wethersfield, CT  06109

The Wethersfield Public Schools Finance and Operations department oversees all financial needs of the school district, including financial planning and budget preparation/presentation/implementation; accounts payable; payroll; administration of grants; student activities, escrow, and foodservice accounts; and capital improvement planning.

The Finance and Operations department is an active partner in effectively managing taxpayer dollars. As with other departments within the Town of Wethersfield, all Board of Education budgeting is processed for presentation on Tyler Systems’ MUNIS software, and expenditures are closely monitored to ensure that they follow budget guidelines and support the fiscal needs of the district. 

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Matthew Kozaka, Director of Finance and Operations  860-571-8117  | Fax: 860-571-8136Kristine Ivers, Accounting Supervisor  860-571-8215           Monika Snow, Payroll Coordinator    860-571-8129Paula Birmingham, Accounts Payable & Revenue Coordinator 860-571-8118Michelle Conlan, Transportation Coordinator/NSLP Determining Official860-571-8115Robert Schultz,  Director, Chartwells Food Service 860-571-8222 | Fax: 860-571-8226

Budget Information

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable division handles all payment of bills and fees due to vendors and contractors of the Wethersfield Public Schools, and is responsible for the final approval of purchase orders, processing of invoices, and preparation of end-of-year tax forms. 

Forms Policies & Procedures - Manual and Forms

Payroll Calendars

School Dining Services

School Dining Services are provided to all schools within the Town of Wethersfield, including five public elementary schools, Silas Deane Middle School, Wethersfield High School, CREC Discovery Academy, Corpus Christi School, and CREC SoundBridge.

The Department of Business Services is responsible for contract negotiation and oversight of contract execution and facilities management by the vendor who provides food service management; compliance with state and federal reimbursement and nutritional guidelines; triennial cafeteria fund audits; and processing, certification, random audit and appeals for free and reduced lunch applications.