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Partners in Internet Safety

In the 21st century, the internet plays an increasingly central role in the lives of children and adults alike. It provides a wealth of resources and offers a broad range of opportunities for students to engage with and learn from the world like never before. With these broad capabilities, however, come inherent risks. Children have access to content and communication that extends far beyond the scope of their community. As educators, we are tasked with supporting the development of engaged, thoughtful, and responsible ‘digital citizens.’ Consistent with this mission and the district’s understanding of our ever-changing world, the Wethersfield Schools IT department has developed some tips to support safe and productive use of internet resources in our classrooms. 

Active Monitoring ​

As educators, we must actively monitor our students’ use of devices in our classrooms. Be aware of how and when your students are accessing the internet. Talk regularly about healthy internet use in your classroom, and set shared classroom guidelines for responsible internet use. Consider trends in students’ internet behavior, and be aware of concerning behaviors including: 

●  Attempting to hide device use from a staff member or other students 

●  Showing signs of distress or heightened concern about ‘likes,’ ‘shares,’ or ‘comments’ on social media posts 

● Describing videos they have watched or websites they have visited with violent or disturbing content 

● Talking frequently about ‘friends’ they have met through social media platforms 

To learn more about monitoring your students’ internet use and screen-time, visit​. 

District Security ​

As a district IT department, we work hard to ensure that student devices are secure and inappropriate content is inaccessible. Be aware that the internet is constantly changing, and notify the IT department immediately of any concerns about security or access on student or district devices. 

For additional information and tips about how to protect your students’ privacy on the internet, visit​. 

See Something, Say Something​! 

Encourage your students to make you aware if a person they do not know communicates with them or they encounter a video, social media post, or other content that makes them uncomfortable or seems strange. Similarly, if you encounter anything that seems out of the ordinary on a school device or account, please contact the IT department right away so that we can investigate the concern and, if necessary, take appropriate action. 

For additional information about creating safe and productive learning environments with technology, visit​. 

As always, we are glad to partner with you to ensure that we create safe learning spaces for students across our district. Thank you for your support! 

Microsoft's Home Use Program

Staff has access to free accounts through the Microsoft Office home program.

Please go to Office 365 for education and register with your school email address.