Elementary School

Regular School Day- 8:30A.M. to 2:45 P.M.

Minimum School Day - 8:30A.M. to 12:55 P.M.

Driving Directions - Student Drop off 8:10 A.M.

E-W News Updates

Fund For Teachers Fellowship Grant

Such very exciting news!!! At Emerson-Williams, we welcomed representatives from the Fund for Teachers organization as they surprised and presented Mr. Bubser Grade Six Emerson with a Summer 2018 Fellowship Grant in the amount of $5,000! This is incredibly exciting news that will benefit all of Emerson-Williams when he brings back his amazing new learning. Mr. Bubser will be studying ways we can increase the overall mathematical thinking and problem solving here at EW. He will travel to Italy (Florence and Rome); Geneva, Switzerland; and Frankfurt, Germany. While there, he will speak with experts, investigate math museums, and discover examples of historic and modern problem solving that he will bring back to us.

Congratulations, Mr. Bubser! We are so excited for you!

Thanks for demonstrating the Growth Mindset, risk-taking, and for being a lifelong learner!

Our Mission

At Emerson-Williams Elementary School, we strongly believe in the joy of learning. Ours is a caring, compassionate environment that respects and supports the dignity of the whole child. We work hand-in-hand with families and the community to develop lifelong learners and contributing members of our changing society.

Emerson-Williams School provides a stimulating educational environment in which high academic standards for student performance continue to be our primary goal. In addition to high academic standards, the school community is also committed to providing an environment where all members of the community demonstrate caring and respect towards one another.

We will again implement the Responsive Classroom program in our school. The Responsive Classroom is a philosophy that fosters both the academic and social emotional well being of students. One of the main principles is that in order for students to be successful academically and socially, children need a set of social skills: cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

One of the keys to success of Emerson-Williams School’s outstanding educational program is our talented teaching staff. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees and several are serving as mentors and/or cooperating teachers. Most notable is the dedication and creative spirit of our staff.

An active Parent Teacher Organization continues to advocate for quality education and to sponsor a variety of family-oriented events and fundraisers that have resulted in field trips, cultural enrichment activities, and new equipment for our school. Members of the Emerson-Williams PTO publish our monthly newsletter, host book fairs, and "Family Fun Nights," including a Talent Show, Bingo night, and Strawberry Festival, to name a few.

We at Emerson-Williams School note with pride our many accomplishments and continue to dedicate our efforts to total school improvement focused upon setting high expectations for students within a supportive, motivating school environment.

The Emerson-Williams School

was named for two prominent educators, the Reverends Joseph Emerson and Elisha Williams:

The Reverend Joseph Emerson (1777-1833) was a pioneer in women's education. In addition to writing several educational works, he organized a school of religious instruction for women. In 1824, he moved his female seminary from Massachusetts to the Old Academy on Main Street in Wethersfield.

The Reverend Elisha Williams (1694-1755) was a pioneer in higher education, and a famous teacher in colonial America. He taught at Yale College, when the largest of its three branches was in Wethersfield. In 1726, he was chosen President of the college, and then established in New Haven.