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Keane After School Programs 

Click here for a brochure (pg. 23) for Keane After School Programs at Emerson Williams. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore new talents and hobbies or find a new passion. I highly recommend looking into these offerings through the parks and rec. program. You can also get more information on Keane programs by clicking here.


Mrs. McLaughlin received a grant at the end of last year through the Wethersfield Education Foundation. The grant will support a school-wide “One School One Book” project with the book, The One and Only Ivan. The grant funds a copy of the book for every family at Emerson-Williams Elementary School! Through this project, we hope to build excitement around reading, engage families, bridge the home-school connection and build a community of readers. Audio recordings of each section will be available for all families that prefer to listen to the story and all students will have the opportunity to participate in trivia questions with raffle prizes. “One School One Book” is from October 25th- November 27th. Thank you in advance for your support!   


At Emerson-Williams Elementary School, we strongly believe in the joy of learning. Ours is a caring, compassionate environment that respects and supports the dignity of the whole child. We work hand-in-hand with families and the community to develop lifelong learners and contributing members of our changing society.


The Emerson-Williams School was named after two prominent educators, the Reverends Joseph Emerson and Elisha Williams: 

The Reverend Joseph Emerson (1777-1833) was a pioneer in women's education. In addition to writing several educational works, he organized a school of religious instruction for women. In 1824, he moved his female seminary from Massachusetts to the Old Academy on Main Street in Wethersfield.

The Reverend Elisha Williams (1694-1755) was a pioneer in higher education, and a famous teacher in colonial America. He taught at Yale College, when the largest of its three branches was in Wethersfield. In 1726, he was chosen President of the college, and then established in New Haven.