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Minimum School Day: 8:30AM-12:55 PM

Student Drop off 8:10AM

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Fall Picture Days - Our Fall Picture Days are this week!

  • Monday, September 26 is for Grades K-2.

  • Tuesday, September 27 is for Grades 3-6.

  • All students will get their individual picture taken.

  • All students will be a part of the class photo.

Fall Bus Evacuation Drill - We will have our Fall Bus Evacuation Drill this Wednesday. We will teach all students (not just our bus students) how to safely exit the bus through the back of the bus if there was ever an emergency. Please feel free to prep your children for this in advance of Wednesday.

EW PTO Color Run - This is taking place on Saturday, October 1, from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. I hope the weather is great, and I hope to see you all there!

Tie-Dye Day! - This Wednesday (9/28) is a School-wide Spirit Day. It is Tie-Dye Day! We would love for all of our Tigers to wear a tie-dyed T-shirt to school on Wednesday. Thank you for helping us create a sense of school spirit on Wednesday!

Restorative Practices - All throughout the Wethersfield Public Schools, we are working on creating a cohesive system of Restorative Practices in all seven of our school buildings. Restorative Practices places a huge emphasis on relationships and community. It is built on the premise that every individual within our school community needs strong and meaningful relationships in order to thrive and reach their maximum potential. For this school year, every one of our classrooms will focus on two crucial components of Restorative Practices:

  • Daily Community Building Circles

  • Classroom Respect Agreements

Please feel free to ask your child about both of these things! It is so important to us that every one of our 430 students feels respected, safe, seen, and heard. These are two strategies we are using school-wide to help students feel this way, every single day. Your child’s social-emotional well-being is of the utmost importance to us.

Keane After School Programs

Click here for a brochure (pg. 22) for Keane After School Programs at Emerson Williams. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore new talents and hobbies or find a new passion. I highly recommend looking into these offerings through the parks and rec. program. You can also get more information on Keane programs by clicking here.

Our Mission

At Emerson-Williams Elementary School, we strongly believe in the joy of learning. Ours is a caring, compassionate environment that respects and supports the dignity of the whole child. We work hand-in-hand with families and the community to develop lifelong learners and contributing members of our changing society.

The Emerson-Williams School

The Emerson-Williams School was named after two prominent educators, the Reverends Joseph Emerson and Elisha Williams:

The Reverend Joseph Emerson (1777-1833) was a pioneer in women's education. In addition to writing several educational works, he organized a school of religious instruction for women. In 1824, he moved his female seminary from Massachusetts to the Old Academy on Main Street in Wethersfield.

The Reverend Elisha Williams (1694-1755) was a pioneer in higher education, and a famous teacher in colonial America. He taught at Yale College, when the largest of its three branches was in Wethersfield. In 1726, he was chosen President of the college, and then established in New Haven.