Samuel B. Webb

Elementary School

Regular School Day - 8:55A.M. to 3:10 P.M.

Minimum School Day - 8:55A.M. to 1:20 P.M.

Driving Directions - Student Drop off 8:35 A.M.

Samuel B. Webb Elementary School

Samuel B. Webb Elementary School was re-opened as a Pre-school through Grade 6 school during the 2005-2006 school year. The community members of this school came together to create a dynamic school with a positive culture for learning and risk taking for all students. The school has been developed over the past six years to provide students with opportunities for growth and development in areas such as academic and social and emotional growth.

The Mission of the Samuel B. Webb Elementary School community is to maximize the potential of our students and help them to become lifelong learners. The School Community will do this by:

•Providing a variety of learning and enrichment experiences

•Balancing programs to create balanced children

•Integrating core academic skills

•Building character to create strong citizens

•Supporting our children as they grow and develop as individuals

The Webb faculty and staff are committed to providing students with a quality education. Each year the administrative and teaching staff review students’ academic strengths and weaknesses based on an in-depth review of CMT results and other assessment data, and establish school-wide goals for the following year. Once the school goals are established, the school-based teams work together to review students’ progress regularly.

Principal's Message

Dear Webb Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! This promises to be another very exciting, challenging, educational, and busy year. Our goal as a staff at Webb School is to provide the highest quality education in a safe and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to be creative and reach their full potential. We believe through hard work and dedication we can achieve this!

As your school principal I spent much of the summer collaborating with district administration to improve my leadership. My personal goal is to individually improve my work so that in turn we can collaborate better to improve overall student achievement at Webb. I am excited about our continued areas of focus for this upcoming school year. Your teachers will continue to enhance their craft in the areas of Reading and Writing Workshop. They will also continue to collaborate to analyze important a data, create meaningful assessments, and plan high quality instruction across all content areas.

Beyond our academic focus, this year Webb will also be fully implementing social thinking lessons in all K-2 classrooms and will be continuing to incorporate YOGA 4 Classrooms and Mindfulness into our school. In addition, we will enhance our focus on the whole child as we teach problem solving skills, emphasize innovation and creativity, and provide opportunities to research ways to give back to the Wethersfield community.

Along with improving academic, problem solving, civic, and social skills, our students will continue learning about the Webb Way To Be. The four components to this are: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Productive, and Be Safe. Teachers will devote time during their morning meetings to explore these four principles while emphasizing the importance of good character. At Webb students will be reminded to treat others the way they would want to be treated.

In an effort to enhance open communication, I encourage all families to frequently visit the district website, the district Facebook Page and the Webb Facebook page to stay current with what is happening at Webb. Families are also encouraged to communicate via email and/or phone with classroom teachers and administration throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time as we value home-school collaboration.

I would like to thank the entire Webb community for the opportunity to work with you and your children for a sixth school year. I am honored and humbled to be the principal of such an amazing school that is filled with excited kids, a committed staff, and dedicated families.

The Webb Elementary School community is: students, parents, teachers, staff, and friends all working together to provide the best learning environment possible. As a school community we put children first. Please stop by and visit Webb when you can so we can share our love of learning.


Michael P. Verderame


The Webb Way to Be:

- Be Responsible

- Be Respectful

- Be Productive

- Be Safe