Kenneth Craig, Principal

Rosanna Tufano, Administrative Secretary

Tonie Bolling, Administrative Clerk

51 Willow Street Wethersfield, CT 06109

Phone: (860) 571-8340 | Fax: (860) 257-1668

Regular School Day: 8:55AM - 3:25 PM

Minimum School Day: 8:55AM - 1:20 PM

Student Drop off 8:35 AM

School Cancellations - Driving Directions


Please click the link above to read the contents of the message or watch the video if you so choose. The information in both formats is the same. The purpose of this message is to communicate about our school, both today and in the future. What are our strengths? And what are the areas where we need to grow? Our ultimate goal is to make Webb School the best school in the world for you. While I realize that no school is perfect, we can work together to improve, learn and grow every day. We love our students and we can’t live with anything less than the very best education for them.

The Webb Way to Be

- Be Responsible

- Be Respectful

- Be Productive

- Be Safe

Samuel B. Webb Elementary School

Samuel B. Webb Elementary School was re-opened as a Pre-school through Grade 6 school during the 2005-2006 school year. The community members of this school came together to create a dynamic school with a positive culture for learning and risk taking for all students. The school has been developed over the past six years to provide students with opportunities for growth and development in areas such as academic and social and emotional growth.

The Mission of the Samuel B. Webb Elementary School community is to maximize the potential of our students and help them to become lifelong learners. The School Community will do this by:

•Providing a variety of learning and enrichment experiences

•Balancing programs to create balanced children

•Integrating core academic skills

•Building character to create strong citizens

•Supporting our children as they grow and develop as individuals

The Webb faculty and staff are committed to providing students with a quality education. Each year the administrative and teaching staff review students’ academic strengths and weaknesses based on an in-depth review of SBAC results and other assessment data, and establish school-wide goals for the following year. Once the school goals are established, the school-based teams work together to review students’ progress regularly.