Kenneth Craig - Principal

Rosanna Tufano - Administrative Secretary

Kyndria Wilson - Administrative Clerk

51 Willow Street Wethersfield, CT  06109

Phone: (860) 571-8340 | Fax: (860) 257-1668

Regular School Day: 8:55AM - 3:25 PM

Minimum School Day: 8:55AM - 1:20 PM

Student Drop off 8:35 AM

School Cancellations - Driving Directions

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Online Family Resource Center

Click here to access our new family resource HUB. This is a one-stop shop for important links and information that you may need as a family. Feel free to peruse this resource to see what it has to offer. We will keep you informed as we update this HUB throughout the year. 

The Webb apparel online store is once again open for business! 

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Keane After School Programs 

Click here for a brochure (pg. 18) for Keane After School Programs at Webb. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore new talents and hobbies or find a new passion. I highly recommend looking into these offerings through the parks and rec. program. You can also get more information on Keane programs by clicking here.


Greetings, parents, students, and members of the Samuel B. Webb Elementary School community! As the proud principal of this extraordinary pre-k through grade 6 school, I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our unique learning environment. Situated in the west end of beautiful Wethersfield, our school stands out as a beacon of academic excellence, creativity, and inclusivity.

Samuel B. Webb Elementary takes pride in being not just a school, but a community that encompasses three schools in one. We house the town's Preschool and LEAP (Learning Experiences Through Alternate Programming) programs, creating an environment where differences are celebrated and all students learn about the importance of inclusion and acceptance, regardless of our unique ability levels. Moreover, we celebrate our rich cultural tapestry, with dozens of languages spoken in students' homes, fostering an environment where diversity is embraced and respected. Explore our website to discover the exciting opportunities that await your child at Samuel B. Webb Elementary School, where we believe in the power of empathy, equity, and achievement.

The Webb Way to Be

- Be Responsible 

- Be Respectful

- Be Productive 

- Be Safe