Health Resources

Health Protocols for Students and Staff

The Department of Public Health (DPH) and Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) have released their guidance regarding COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses. 

They continue to encourage vaccines for COVID-19 and influenza. 

The district will be following these guidelines for COVID-19:

Wethersfield Public Schools highly recommend that you wear a mask through day 5. 

Important Resources & Contacts

Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-779-7233 

DCF Careline - 1-800-842-2288

211 Infoline - 211 (Local resources (unemployment, food bank, housing etc.. ) And for crisis management of children and teens.

Crisis Counselors 24/7 - Text SHARE or HOME to 741741 (Free resource 24 hours a day for anyone in crisis or just needs to talk.)

Talk it out CT - 1-833-258-5011 (For parents and caregivers who need someone to listen, to understand, and to talk your feelings out.)

Unemployment - N/A (Complete for newly unemployed. For previously unemployed, check emails regularly for updates.)

United Way Economic Relief Fund - 1-866-211-9966 (Help with paying bills, managing finances.)

School Nurses

Charles Wright- 8:00-3:00
Elda Marcelynas, BSN RN
Tel:(860) 563-9726

Fax:(860) 563-2198

Emerson-Williams- 8:00-3:00
Kathleen Maffuid, BSN RN NCSN
Tel:(860) 563-9638
Fax:(860) 721-0044

Hanmer- 8:15-3:45
Kimberley Fleury, BSN RN
Tel:(860) 571-8370
Fax:(860) 257-1629

Silas Deane Middle School  - 7:25-3:00
Linda Ciarcia, BSN RN
Tel:(860) 571-8300
Fax:(860) 563-0563

Highcrest- 8:15-3:45
Judy Pluskota, BSN RN
Tel:(860) 571-8380
Fax:(860) 563-9193

 Webb - 8:15-3:45
Lorena Valentino, RN
Tel:(860) 571-8340
Fax:(860) 257-1668

Corpus Christi - 7:15-2:45
Susan Cowan, RN
Tel:(860) 529-7261
Fax:(860) 257-9106

Wethersfield High School - 7:00-2:30
Nancy Miller, BSN RN NCSN
Tel:(860) 571-8200 or  (860) 571-8259
Fax:(860) 571-8240
Jennifer Ronan, BSN RN
Tel:(860) 571-8200 or  (860) 571-8253
Fax:(860) 571-8240