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Update and Cleaning - 03.09.20

I've asked Physical Services Director Sally Katz about how we can create an environment in classrooms that allows custodians to be able to maximize the amount of time for surface wipe-downs. She reports that for maximum cleaning efficiency:

  • Desk tops should be free of papers, books and small items
  • Do not leave out fabric items that may be damaged by bleach-based solutions
  • Chairs should be left down on the floor so that they can be sprayed.

Below is the interpretation of the guidance on "green cleaning" products.

DAS advised school districts that “it is acceptable to use most conventional cleaning and sanitizing products,” and that the state’s “green cleaning” laws “provide an exception for the use of any disinfectant, disinfecting cleaner, sanitizer or any other antimicrobial product approved by federal law.” DAS has further advised that “[t]o the extent that the laws around green cleaning products have been interpreted locally to further restrict use of environmental cleaning products and/or personal care products, in the context of [COVID-19], these laws should not be misconstrued to limit compliance with the relevant CDC and/or [Connecticut Department of Public Health] guidance necessary for protection of public health and safety.”

Source-Shipman & Goodwin

Please ensure that your students are not using any bleach-based products such as wipes. Physical Services will be utilizing bleach-based cleaning products at night when students and staff are not in buildings.

For those of you with hand sanitizer in pump bottles, please keep empty bottles for refills. The sanitizer that the town has ordered is arriving in one gallon containers, so we'll need to reuse the current pump bottles.

I've attached the communication that was sent to the parent community on Friday evening. I am participating in a conference call with state officials late this afternoon and expect to have additional information out to you following this call.


Michael T. Emmett


Wethersfield Public Schools

CT State Coronavirus website

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