Virtual Professional Learning Opportunities


Using Instructional Tech Tools to Engage All Learners

Engaging Students with Instructional Tech Tools

Virtual Small Groups for In-Person & Remote Students

Small group PD- Feb 2021

Getting Started with the CT Social Studies Frameworks in K-6 Classrooms

SS PD - 2/12/21

Overcoming Obstacles/SEL Curriculum

GR3-6 SEL Curriculum

Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Meditation FEB2021

Tier 1 Intervention

TIer I Intervention

Connecting with Our Remote Learners

Connecting with our Remote Learners

Integrating IABs in Instruction

IAB PD - Feb. 2021

Making Time for You

SEL/ Endorphin Rush

Digging Into Adult SEL (SDMS)

Adult SEL PD

Yoga for Teachers & Students (WHS)

Yoga PD

Self-Care Through Mindfulness (WHS)

Mindfulness Workshop


Using Screencastify for Basic Video Editing

Screencastify Editor Webinar.mp4

Recorded 18 minute webinar

Screencastify Video Editing Session

Slides with links to resources

Recording for Instruction: Screencasting 101

Screencasting 101.mp4

Recorded 15 minute webinar

Webinar - Screencasting 101

Slides with links and tutorials

Recording for Instruction: Advanced Screencasting

Screencasting advanced.mp4

Recorded 20 minute webinar.

Webinar - Advanced Screencasting

Slides with links and tutorials.

Engaging Your Students in Active Learning with Edpuzzle

EdPuzzle Video Lesson Session

Slides with links and tutorials.

Using a Document Camera to Provide Virtual Instruction

Using Doc Camera Wksp (2020-07-22 at 07:05 GMT-7)

Recorded 50 minute webinar.

How to set up your Classroom Document Camera

Slides with links and tutorials.


Breakout Rooms

NEW Google Meet Breakout Rooms.mp4

Recorded 12 minute webinar

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Slides with links to resources

Polls and Q&A

Google Meet Polls and Q&A.mp4

Recorded 18 minute webinar

Google Meet Q&A and Polls

Slides with embedded resources

Host Controls (Enable/disable chat, present screen, ask to join) & Attendance Feature

Host Controls.mp4

Host Controls Tutorial (1:17)

Google Meet Attendance.mp4

Attendance Feature Tutorial (2:17)

Google Meet - Advanced Tips & Tricks 

Google Meets - Webinar.mp4


Get Your "Google" Organized

Get Your "Google" Organized Webinar.mp4

Recorded 17 minute webinar

Organizing Drive and Classroom Nov 2020

Slides with links to resources

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Classroom EDIT.mp4

Recorded 55 minute webinar

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Slides with links and tutorials

Moving from "Proficient" to "Efficient" with Google Classroom

Google Classroom - Webinar.mp4

Recorded 20 minute webinar

Becoming More Efficient w/ Google Classroom

Slides with links and tutorials

Using Google Classroom to Deliver Content

Google Classroom Virtual Professional Development (2020-08-12 at 06:06 GMT-7)

Recorded 60 minute webinar


Introduction to Seesaw

Intro to SeeSaw App (2020-03-21 at 11:07 GMT-7)

Recorded 40 minute webinar

Providing Feedback Using Seesaw

Providing Feedback Using Seesaw.mp4

Recorded 40 minute webinar

GOGUARDIAN (Grades 2-12)

Using GoGuardian as a Tool for Efficiency & Communication

GoGuardian - New Features Webinar.mp4

Recorded 16 minute webinar

Using GoGuardian for Efficiency & Communication

Slides with links to resources

GoGuardian Teacher: Best Practices & New Features


Make Google Forms Work For You

Google Forms.mp4

Recorded 17 minute webinar

Becoming an Expert with Google Forms

Slides with links to resources

Engaging Your Learners with PearDeck

Peardeck How-to

Slides with links to resources

Flipgrid - A Brief Tour for Educators

Recorded 5 minute webinar

Using Flipgrid

Slides with links to resources

Harnessing the 'Power of Choice' with Digital Choice Boards

The Power of Choice: Using Choice Boards to Increase Students' Intrinsic Motivation and Engagement.webm

Recorded 17 minute webinar

Power of Choice

Slides with links to resources

Using Google Forms to Provide Immediate Feedback (Slides)

Google Forms Feedback PD

Using PearDeck to Create Virtual Formative Assessments  (35 minutes)

mbc-puqj-wsr (2020-08-21 at 08:44 GMT-7)

Jamboard for Math Formative Assessment (20 minutes)

Jamboard: Math Formative Assessment Practice-Part 1.webm

How to Use Jamboard for Remote Teaching (12 minutes)

Using Virtual Whiteboards for Interactive Learning & Formative Assessment (45 minutes)

Using Virtual Whiteboards to Create Interactive Learning.mp4

Creating Audio/Video Recordings using Drive & Classroom  (Slides)

Audio/Video/Screen Castify -DLP

Creating Video Recordings Using the Chromebook Camera App (Slides) 

Making Videos for Virtual Instruction Using a Chromebook


Reading to Learn: Personalized the Sora Reading Experience

Webinar - Sora for Students

Recorded 15 minute webinar

Reading to Learn with Sora Mini PD

Slides with links and tutorials

Getting Started with Sora/Overdrive

Webinar - Sora/Overdrive

Recorded 15 minute webinar

Getting Started with Sora Mini PD

Slides with links and tutorials