Wethersfield Public Schools bus routes are devised using group/cluster bus stops in order to serve multiple students at each stop on a particular road or in a certain area. This allows for effective and safe transportation in a timely fashion. While most bus stops remain over time, bus stops can change due to enrollment. Please be aware that a bus stop that existed at a certain location last school year may change for the current school year. As always, Wethersfield Public Schools is committed to providing safe, timely, cost-effective transportation for our Students. 

Transportation Eligibility

Distance for Transportation Service

Transportation will be provided to Students enrolled in the Wethersfield Public Schools who live greater than the distance stated below:

Please refer to our Street Directory  to check for transportation eligibility at all levels.  There may be instances where some students living within the defined “walk zone” will be eligible for transportation due to known hazardous conditions on walking paths, bridges, waterways and over/underpasses.

Bus Routes & Stop Assignments

Wethersfield Public Schools Bus Routes utilize cluster/group stops to serve multiple students effectively in a timely and safe manner.  While most bus stops remain unchanged over the years it is necessary to move and add new stops based on enrollment.  Routes will be posted on our Transportation page for the upcoming school year as soon as available along with the Rare Reminder on August 25, 2022.  Each route will contain the Trip #, Stop Location and pick up time.  Please be aware that routes and pick up times can change over the first few weeks of school to meet the needs of incoming registrations and additional route changes.  Once the routes have been completed,  updated routes will be posted on our Transportation page and each school's site as well. Please note: Special Education, Outplacement and Technical routes are not posted for privacy reasons, please contact the office or use the Bus Inquiry for your pick up time and location. 

Transportation Guidelines

Bus Stop/Route Changes

Wethersfield Public Schools Bus Routes utilize cluster/group stops to serve multiple students effectively in a timely and safe manner.  While most bus stops remain unchanged over the years it is necessary to move and add new stops based on enrollment.  If you have a complaint or concern regarding safety, road hazards, location of an existing bus stop or walking distance please use the Bus Stop Change/Inquiry to contact our office.  When a Request is received all factors are considered before a determination is made.  This includes:

A determination will be made in conjunction with the Transportation Provider and our Office and will be communicated in writing.  The Town Engineer’s office will make all final determinations on Walking Distance Appeals that can not be resolved in this office (determined by linear ft).  Please note: A request alone is not a guarantee that your stop or route will change.  Bus stops are not added or changed based on weather/temperature/season and will not be considered.

Transportation Privileges

Wethersfield Public Schools expects model student behavior while utilizing transportation to and from school, as transportation is a privilege. Rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Education and Transportation Company are for driver, student, staff and parent safety.  If a student misbehaves on a school transportation vehicle, a Bus Conduct Report will be completed by the driver and sent to the relevant school administrator and transportation office for review and potential discipline. Parents and students should be aware that inappropriate behavior may result in suspension of transportation privileges.

Student & Parent Information/Guidelines

Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students qualify for Bus Transportation, regardless of distance.  However, upon entering 1st Grade,   students will then be subject to the distance requirements stated above. Kindergarten Students should arrive at their scheduled stops 10 minutes prior to their scheduled stop time and adhere to the transportation guidelines below.


Parents - Please instruct your child to

Alternate Bus Stops & Day care Transportation

Transportation to DayCare Providers

Wethersfield Public Schools offers transportation to and from Daycare provided the Daycare facility is in their student’s respective school district.  This also applies to Home Daycare Facilities and personal arrangements with friends or family. For Instance: Hanmer school students are provided transportation to/from the Rainbow Center, as the Rainbow center is within the Hanmer school district, however, students can not be transported to/from Pride and Joy as that Daycare is in the Charles Wright district.  Some larger facilities provide their own Transportation Services.

Below is a List of Day Care Facilities that provide their own transportation services and service schools in Wethersfield. Upon registration please confirm with the facility that they are still providing transportation to your student(s) district school.

YMCA Program Before & After Care

Wethersfield Public Schools partners with the YMCA for before and after school care.  If you wish to have your student(s) participate please refer to the link to register: Y Program:  Before and After School Care 

Alternate Bus Stops & Addresses

Similar to Day care Facilities, students may utilize an address for Transportation, that is not their home address,  for childcare purposes or personal arrangements before or after school.  In these instances a Day care/Alternate Address Change Request must be submitted and approved by the Transportation Office.  The Transportation address must be in the same school district and eligible for Transportation.  Requests for Transportation in an area that is within walking distance will not be considered.  Once the change is confirmed your student(s) and parent(s) alike will be notified of the change and any communications regarding Transportation will be adjusted accordingly.  Multiple stop locations morning or afternoon are not allowed.  This is strictly enforced.  You must maintain the same schedule M-F AM/PM.

As always there are unique circumstances that apply to some families.  Please feel free to contact the Transportation Office so that we can aid in finding a solution.

Specialized Transportation (Door to Door)

Special Education : Outplaced : Pre-K

Students who qualify for Specialized Door to Door transportation are referrals from our Special Services Department Only. Either a Staff member from Special Services, your students teacher or Transportation will notify parents of arrangements for Specialized Transportation. Specialized Transportation routes are NOT posted to the website for privacy reasons.  Please adhere to the guidelines below.  Please note:  Parents can not request Specialized Transportation for their student.  Only requests from Special Services will be considered.   

Technical Schools

Wethersfield Public Schools works with Glastonbury Vo-Ag and Connecticut Technical High Schools in the Region. Schools where transportation is provided can also change based on enrollment.   The student must meet the Initial criteria to be considered for transportation:  


Upon meeting the initial criteria above the school must have a minimum of 6  Wethersfield Resident students  enrolled in order for transportation to be provided NO COST.  In situations where the enrollment criteria is not met parents may be eligible to receive paid mileage.   If you would like to receive information or make a Mileage Reimbursement Agreement please fill out the Mileage Reimbursement Information form and someone from the Business Department will contact you.  Please Note:  Mileage is not offered to students who choose to drive themselves to and from school.  Additionally, Mileage is only offered when a route or shared route is not provided. 

General Information

Late Opening/Early Dismissal/School Cancellation Notification

Wethersfield Public School currently utilizes Parent Square as a means of notification for Early Dismissal, Delayed Opening and School Cancellation, along with television and radio station notification.  On occasion, Parent Square will be used to communicate bus delays, combined routes and substitute drivers.  If you have not yet signed up with ParentSquare, use the ParentSquare link to access the easy sign up instructions provided.  Please note:  Delayed Openings are 2 hours ; please add 2 hours to your student’s a.m. pick up time. Early Dismissal follows minimum school day hours.

Decline or Temporary Transportation Opt-Out

If your student(s) are not going to utilize Transportation provided for a prolonged period of time(ie: parents drive, student driver, before or after school program), please help us to streamline the routes for time and efficiency by filling out the Decline/Resume Transportation form.  You are always able to resume transportation at any time with a few days notice.

Medical Requests

If your student suffers an injury during the school year or has a medical issue that may require a change to their transportation status, please notify the Nurse at your students school of attendance at once.  Include any documentation with your request. If warranted the School will arrange for Specialized Transportation. Not every medical request warrants a change in transportation. All final determinations regarding Medical Transportation will be made in conjunction with the Nurse Administrator, Special Services and the Transportation Office.  

Change of Address

Residents who are moving to a new address must fill out a Change of Address form. Please submit the Change of Address form to your student’s school secretary along with any required supporting documents for proof of Residency.  Wethersfield Public Schools must have the Residency Officer approve any new address before  transportation arrangements can be determined.  

New Registrations

Parents of New Wethersfield Students must register their student(s) prior to receiving a determination on transportation. Transportation is not arranged until a Registration Confirmation is received. Additionally, upon receipt of Registration Confirmation, regular transportation takes 5 school days to arrange and confirm and Specialized Transportation Requests can take up to ten (10) school days.  For Registration Information or to start the process please click on:  Student Registration or visit the WPS Home Page.