WHS Summer Reading


Please click the button below for your incoming grade or class to see your summer reading requirements. Remember, thoughtful consideration of the questions listed with your requirements will prepare you for your teachers’ graded activities at the beginning of the school year. The completed and signed WHS Summer Reading Log (OR the online Wethersfield Library's Summer Reading log) is part of the graded activities, as well.

Participating in reading and other learning activities over the summer is critical to helping you maintain skills from the school year. Yet, summer is supposed to be a great time to relax and have fun. There's no reason you can't do both! For many of you the high school summer reading requirements allow you to choose books that interest you. For this reason we have prepared fairly extensive lists and "digital bins" of books on a wide variety of subjects and genres. Once you have fulfilled any specific reading requirement for your grade or class, feel free to browse any of the lists below to find the next, just right book for you! Also, if you prefer to read with others or if you enjoy discussing books, we hope you consider joining our first ever WHS/SDMS Summer Book Group.

Contact me with any questions at nszilagyi@wethersfield.me.

Wethersfield Library Summer Reading Program

Make sure to complete your reading logs from June 15th - August 21st

The library plans to open on a limited basis on June 15 by appointment only for pick ups of materials that have been placed on hold for any students that reserve materials. Students who do not have library cards can register for one online. Also on June 15th, you can begin to submit log entries for books through the Wethersfield Teen Summer Reading Program, "Imagine Your Story." Use this Wethersfiield Library form to log your books and write reviews/responses to be entered to win weekly prizes between June 15 and August 21. Complete one form for each book read. These entries will be shared with Wethersfield High School and can fulfill your summer reading log requirement. If you choose not to participate in the Wethersfield Teen Summer Reading Program, please complete and return this reading log.

Entering Grade 9 Guidelines

Mrs. McKenna's Video for Incoming 9th Graders

Students entering Honors are required to read one book of their choosing and one of the following books: Mythology by E. Hamilton, Circe by Madeline Miller, Troy by Adele Geras, Lavinia by Ursula K. LeGuin, or The Help by Kathryn Stockett or any other Mythology books located in the book bin.

Students entering Levels 1 and 2 are required to read two age-appropriate books of their choosing.

Questions to consider:

1. What theme or central idea is introduced in the story, and how does it evolve and develop?

2. How would you objectively summarize the text?

Mythology Book Bin.pdf
Sora Digital Books By Themes 6_9_2020 (1).pdf

Entering Grade 10 Guidelines

Students entering Honors are required to read one book of their choosing and one of the following:

The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White

Snow in August by Pete Hamill

Students entering Levels 1 and 2 are required to read two age-appropriate books of their choosing.

Questions to consider:

1. Identify a character who has multiple or conflicting motivations.

2. How does the character’s development and interactions with other characters help advance the plot or develop the theme?

Digital Book Bin- Coming of Age.pdf
Checkout Digital Book List Bitmoji 6/8/2020

Entering Grade 11 Guidelines

Students entering Honors are required to read one book of their choosing and the following:

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates AND

The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin AND

How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster

For honors students, a message from your teachers: we begin the year looking at American Literature through the lens of race - something always appropriate in our country, and this year even more poignant. The last few years we have used classic texts like Uncle Tom's Cabin and Huck Finn as summer reading material. You'll still read those, but instead of starting with the perspectives of white American authors, we will start this year with classic texts written by African American authors. Both of these texts (already in our curriculum) have been making the lists of books on race that need to be read by every American. Baldwin's The Fire Next Time is a 1963 best seller which is comprised of two letters to America; Coates' Between the World and Me, a 2015 best seller, is also epistolary in form (that means it is a letter), in this case a letter to his black son. These will be challenging reads. Pay attention.


Students entering Levels 1 and 2 are required to read one age-appropriate book of their choosing and one National Book Award winner in fiction or young adult literature from 1990-present OR one Nutmeg Book Award winner.

Questions to consider:

1. Select a quotation from each novel and show how it illustrates the author’s theme or message for that book.

2. What is American about this work?

National Book Award Winners Digital Book Bin.pdf
Nutmeg Book Award Winners Digital Book Bin.pdf

Entering Grade 12 Guidelines

Students entering Levels 1 and 2 are required to complete a draft of the Common Application College Essay and read one book (biography) of their choice. There are links on the WHS Writing Resources page to help with the essay. This draft will be used during the first lessons of class.

Questions to consider with choice book:

1. What accomplishment, event, or realization sparked a period of personal growth for a character in your book?

2. How does a character's background, identity, interest, or talent drive forward the events of the book?

Digital Book Bins- Biographies.pdf
More Biographies Digital Book Bin.pdf

AP/ECE English Guidelines and Requirements

Students taking either ECE 1010 Rhetoric and Composition or ECE 1011 Literature and Composition are required to read the following:

AP/ECE U.S. History

A Short History of the United States, Robert V. Remini (Sora ebook, Destiny audiobook)

See Mrs. Bradley’s UConn/APUSH Webpage for summer reading assignment details.

Note: This book fulfills the “choice” selection for the English requirement, except for AP/UConn ECE English.

AP European History

All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque

WHS UCONN ECE 2020-2021

Application, enrollment, registration, billing, and transfer information

If you are interested in taking a UConn ECE course next year, please join Mrs. Mucinskas' google classroom for all up-to-date information and helpful links for registering through the UConn system. This is IN ADDITION to signing up for courses through WHS. The google classroom code is: ghilkxo

Courses available are:

For Grade 11 Students:

  • U.S. History 1501:United States History to 1877 FALL
  • U.S. History 1502: United States History from 1877 to the Present SPRING
  • Human Development and Family Sciences 1070: Individual & Family Development FULL YEAR

For Grade 12 Students:

  • English 1010: Seminar in Academic Writing/ AP English Language and Composition—Level AP FULL YEAR
  • English 1011: Seminar in Writing through Literature/ AP English Literature and Composition– Level AP FULL YEAR
  • Human Development and Family Sciences 1070: Individual & Family Development FULL YEAR
  • Statistics 1100Q: Elementary Concepts of Statistics / AP Statistics –Level AP FULL YEAR

A Message for High School Parents

From English Department and School Library Media Services

Dear Parents,

Remember that as students mature and prepare for the transition to college and career, they will encounter more adult themes and situations in literature. You are strongly encouraged to read and discuss books with your child. These discussions provide great opportunities to help you guide your child through the themes and how they relate to our world. Given the large selection of literature available, parents may wish to review the content of the texts. If you or your child find a selection objectionable, please encourage your child to find a book which you feel would be more suitable. If they would like some guidance have them reach out to Mrs. Szilagyi, our teacher-librarian or the public library staff.

English Department and School Library Media Services