Mission Statement

Our Mission

We, the faculty of Silas Deane Middle School are committed to working collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to ensure that all students reach their highest level of achievement in all areas of their development. We believe that it is our responsibility to teach students the skills necessary to perform successfully in high school and beyond. Our school will create classroom environments that are supportive, engaging and challenging. We believe that all students can:

  • Gain skills, acquire knowledge, and develop an appreciation for lifelong learning.

  • Develop a positive self-image.

  • Extend care, concern, and respect to a diverse world community through service to others.

  • Demonstrate personal responsibility.

Statement of Philosophy

Programs at Silas Deane Middle School are a preparation for life and life's experiences.

We believe the aim of education is a process of personal development and service that can bring fulfillment to oneself and to others.

We believe that each student is unique and has a varying capacity to relate to the world of people, things, and ideas.

We encourage each student to develop competency, a good self-image, independence, a sense of responsible freedom, and a desire to express and understand feelings.

Our developmental process designs programs based on a student's past, present and future education.

We hold that this process includes equal program opportunities for each student in the terms of funding, community resources, administrative-staff-student concern in the pursuit of academic excellence.

All learning activities will concentrate on skills related to academic subject areas, vocational education, decision making, interpersonal relationships, creative expression, and participation in the democratic process.

We approve of and support programs, which give each student an understanding of peoples, cultures, and communities.

We believe each and every student can make a positive contribution to our society.

Goals for the School

  1. Provide students the acquisition of knowledge through a well-formulated academic program.

  2. Provide opportunities for staff and students to express themselves in the creative arts, such as writing, drama, art, music, and dance.

  3. Educate the students of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society.

  4. Provide opportunities to participate in leadership and decision making roles.

  5. Provide a program and environment for health education, personal hygiene, and physical fitness, with emphasis on the problems of change in the adolescent years.

  6. Render "special services" that are needed or requested.

  7. Provide a program of varied leisure-time activities so that the students may be given a chance to investigate, discover, and develop potential talents that will make their lives more rewarding.

  8. Incorporate courses that are career exploratory through self-awareness and social in nature.

  9. Develop a curriculum broad enough to meet each student's abilities and interests.

  10. Provide an atmosphere where mutual respect between staff and students is encouraged, developed, and maintained.

Goals for the Administration

  • To be responsible for public relations with the community at large and parents of students in our school in particular.

  • To demonstrate and to encourage the staff and student body to the "pursuit of excellence."

  • Provide opportunities for staff and students to explore and extend their talents and capabilities within the school and community environment.

  • Stimulate a flexible environment conducive to responsible experimental learning.

  • Provide an objective evaluation of teachers.

  • Provide consistency in the enforcement, setting, and re-examination of school discipline policies in conjunction with staff.

  • Provide leadership in the development and re-evaluation of cognitive and effective curricula.

  • Promote dialogue with staff and students and provide opportunity to do so.

Goals for the Staff

(That "staff" includes all personnel in the school and in the community who contribute time and energy to the school including guidance, health, social, physiological, psychological, secretarial, cafeteria, and custodial services.)

  • Provide a model for students to emulate.

  • Remain competent in their field through conferences, in-service training, postgraduate education, and exposure to professional literature.

  • Establish a good rapport with students and keep the communications open at all times.

  • Advise, coordinate and assist in students' extracurricular activities.

  • Maintain professional disciplinary procedures, which are consistently administered.

  • Formulate goals for and with students based on individual ability and potential growth.

  • Choose varied methods and techniques of instruction designed to ensure pupil progress and to be responsible for their effectiveness.

  • Have knowledge of and compassion of adolescents to better understand their special physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

  • Develop in the student a respectful attitude for other person's property, attitudes, feelings, and human rights.

Shared Vision Statement

We believe that:

  • Each person in the school community is important and will be treated equally and fairly;

  • All people can learn and achieve a level of success; and environment fosters success for all;

  • Respect, integrity and honesty are our core values;

  • All persons need to feel safe in school;

  • For every right comes a responsibility;

  • Creativity and a sense of humor are respected and essential in achieving success.