Win 10 Tips

Here are screenshots of some new interface elements that Windows 10 presents. Explore, and as always, feel free to e-mail your building tech with questions or put in a SchoolDude ticket for computer requests/ issues.

The Login Screen

When your computer boots up you might be presented with a scene like this and only the date and time show on the lower left of the screen.

Simply press the Enter/Return key and the actual login screen will appear. Login works like it used to in Windows 7. From here you can also Sleep, Shutdown or Restart the computer.

Taskbar - Left side

The Taskbar is the area that runs the entire width of the bottom of the screen. Starting with the left side,  the Start Menu button has changed from the round logo to the current squared Win 10 logo. It is followed by a new search bar, the Task View button and an area of pinned apps.

New Start Menu

The Start Menu has an alphabetical list of all installed apps. We have added some commonly used shortcuts and tiles for things like the office products and This PC (FKA: My Computer).

This PC

Formerly known as My Computer, clicking on "This PC" is how you get to your home drive and to any network shared drives or CDs/DVDs.

New Search Bar

Click inside this box and the window pictured here will appear. You have instant access to your most frequently launched apps, recent documents & searches, websites, and other quick search resources.

Searching in the Search Bar

You can also engage the the search window by pressing the Windows Logo key on the keyboard. As soon as you start typing, you will see results appear immediately. For instance, in the screenshot above, as soon as you start typing e x , Excel pops up. Pressing return launches Excel instantly. This is definitely is a faster way to launch apps rather than reaching for your mouse to click on icons.

Task View

Hitting the Task View icon will show you all open windows and apps. You can click on any window to bring that document or app to the forefront. Sometimes there can be error messages that get lost behind other windows. Now you can see it all.

Sign out, Sleep, Shutdown, and etc.

Clicking on the Power symbol reveals the Sleep, Shut down, and Restart commands.

Selecting the user icon will show you how to Lock the screen or Sign out (FKA Log Off) of the machine.

Task Bar - Right side

From Right to left we have the Notifications button, Date and Time, Volume settings, Network Settings, and the ability to expand and see other little widgets.

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