Win 10 Tips


Pin an app to the Start Menu

If there are apps that you want quick access to via the Start Menu, simply right-click on them and select the "Pin to Start" option. There will now be a tile in the Start Menu, like the one shown in the accompanying screenshot.

Pin an app to the Taskbar

Similarly, if you want something accessible via the Taskbar, simply right-click on it, select "More" amd then select the "Pin to taskbar" option. There will now be an icon in the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

Notifications - Updates

Anytime your PC wants to alert you of an impending update or an expired alarm or anything, you can view them by clicking on the right-most icon on the taskbar. For instance, this computer was recently updated and needs to be restarted before those updates take effect.

You might also see a message like this when updates are pending.

Notifications - Expand and Clear

To get rid of any notifications click on the "Clear all notifications" link and they will disappear.

If you want to reveal more options click Expand and many other settings and shortcuts will appear.

Notifications - Screen snip

Clicking on the Screen snip tile will launch an app that allows you to take screenshots. Upon clicking on the tile, your cursor will turn into a crosshairs. Clicking and dragging with your mouse will capture whatever part of the screen you've selected and copy it to the clipboard. You will see it in the notification area. Then you can go to the Edit menu and paste that screenshot into a document or email or whatever.

Caution - Tablet Mode

Tablet mode (accessible via the Notifications area) will drastically change the way your computer operates. This mode can be toggled on/off via the button highlighted in the screenshot. Also the screen shot shows how the Start Menu gets re-arranged when this mode is activated. We just wanted to make you aware of this option in case it should get enabled accidentally.