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Wethersfield Public Schools (WPS) is committed to providing our students with devices for learning. As with any book or materials that are used during the school year, students should ensure great care of their WPS assigned device. While we recognize that accidents happen, we are committed to helping our students grow into responsible and respectful digital citizens and expect that WPS devices will be treated with care. We appreciate your support.

The District will cover the cost of repair for the first two instances of accidental damage (with the exception of iPads; see below). Additional damage beyond two repairs will result in a charge for the cost of the part, or for replacement of the full device if it is beyond repair. Any lost device will be charged at the full replacement price. A bill will be issued from the WPS Business Office.

WPS Chromebook Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

How will Chromebooks be safely transported during the school day and between school and home?

  • A case will be provided. Students are encouraged to exercise care when transporting their device throughout the school day as well as when placing it in their backpack, even when it is in their protective case. Students should carry the Chromebook in a closed position to avoid damaging the hinge; they should not put excessive weight on the Chromebook cover when placing it in their backpack and should not throw or toss their backpack. Students MUST always keep their Chromebook in the protective case.

Will my child need any additional accessories for their Chromebook?

  • Students who want to use a mouse can purchase one for their own use. These will not be provided by the district. It is also recommended that students have their own headphones to use when needed.

Should my student bring their battery charger to school?

  • Students MUST leave their battery charger at home and come to school each day with their Chromebook fully charged. This will avoid chargers being lost or misplaced while at school.

How does my student connect to the internet at home on their Chromebook?

  • Please go to the district website for further information on how to handle common issues with Chromebooks.

What happens to the Chromebook if my child leaves the district?

  • The student will need to return the Chromebook to their school's main office.

How often will the Chromebook be used in the classroom?

  • Classroom teachers will determine when it is appropriate for students to use their devices in class. The district sees the Chromebook as another tool to support teaching and learning in the classroom just as textbooks are tools.

What if I don’t have internet access at home?

  • If students do not have internet access at home, you should notify your school's main office. There are several options available including:

    • Reduced monthly access fees for low income families through various service providers

    • Instructions for students on how to work offline using the Chromebook. Many tasks that students may be required to complete for homework may be available as an off-line activity.

Our goal is to provide equal access to technology for all students of the Wethersfield Public Schools.

How do I clean my Chromebook?

  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen or wipes specifically meant to clean a computer. Never use any product containing alcohol, ammonia, or other strong solvent to clean your Chromebook. Do NOT spray or wipe your Chromebook with any Windex/household cleaner/water and/or cleaning clothes/wipes. Clean your Chromebook keys and screen with a lightly moistened soft cloth.

Can I personalize/decorate my Chromebook?

  • The devices are the property of the Wethersfield Public Schools. Students may not decorate, personalize, or mark the actual Chromebook in any way. They should not remove any asset or tags or labels affixed by the district.

Can parents/siblings use the device?

  • Only the student assigned to that specific device is permitted to use it. Parents should not allow other family members to use the device.

What should I do if my Chromebook is broken or lost?

  • If your device is broken, please bring it to the library media center to have it checked in for repair. The Library Media Specialist will issue a loaner to use while your device is being repaired. If your device is missing, please report this to your Library Media Specialist as soon as possible.

Can the district monitor my online activity when I am using the school-issued Chromebook at home or at school?

  • When you use a district-issued Chromebook at home or at school, your activity (web browsing, use of Google suite for education, etc.) is logged using GoGuardian software. The Chromebook is owned by the district, and we are mandated to implement reasonable security measures to limit access to inappropriate material and to monitor inappropriate student behavior. Students and staff should have no expectation of privacy when using a district device.

Can I use a personal laptop, Chromebook, tablet, other device in classes instead of my district-issued Chromebook?

  • No. The Chromebook was selected as an educational tool to support our district’s instructional goals and has been configured with the appropriate security settings for our school network. Per Board of Education policy 5870, students may not use a personal device in place of a district-issued Chromebook during instructional time except as specifically permitted by instructional staff. In order to ensure a safe learning experience for all students and maintain the integrity of our network and filtering systems, all students are expected to use their assigned district issued device during instructional time.

Visit our Chromebook troubleshooting page for some quick solutions.

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