Chromebook Troubleshooting

If you don't see your issue listed below, try Google's help page:, or contact the WPS IT Support Team at

2. Chromebook won't turn on - no screen, power light visible 

3. Testing the Webcam, microphone, or speakers

4. Damaged OS or other message on a white background

5. A yellow exclamation point (!) or "Please insert a recovery USB stick" is displayed.

6. (Trouble) Getting on wifi

8. Chromebook not acting right, needs to be reset

9. Google account settings need to be reset

10. Websites not opening or behaving properly

10c. Websites not opening or behaving properly (Cox internet)

For further support please e-mail us at or leave a voice mail on 860-571-8298. 

We will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.