Reference Subscriptions

Grolier Online

Access to five encyclopedias: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, New Book of Knowledge, New Book of Popular Science, and Lands & People, as well as a built in dictionary and atlas. Other features include links to international newspapers, websites, and related periodical articles.

World Book Online

Titles in this subscription include three leveled encyclopedia: World Book Kids, World Book Student, and World Book Advanced*, as well as World Book Discover and Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos. Special features include periodicals, website links, read aloud option, translations, and multimedia (pictures, graphs, video, charts).

A complete list of subscription databases and tools are available on the LMC homepage as well as on our list of usernames and passwords.

Reference on the Web

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Answers to all your grammar and writing questions.


A pronunciation guide for over 200 languages

MerriamWester Online

English dictionary, thesaurus, Spanish-English dictionary, and medical dictionary

English dictionary, thesaurus, quotes, word games, and translator. This translator is accessible on school networked computers.

OneLook Dictionary

Searches over 1000 dictionary indexes at the same time


While most teachers (and professors) do not accept Wikipedia as a citable source for academic research, it can be a great place to begin your research on unfamiliar topics. Similarly to other encyclopedia, its articles provide background information to help researchers develop more effective internet and database queries (searches). In addition, the list of “References and further readings” often provide access to sources that are vetted and meet information evaluation criteria. Remember, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which allows anyone to add and edit content, regardless of their expertise or authority. Always verify and support the information you find on Wikipedia (or any other encyclopedia) through reputable and vetted sources.