Pieces: Literary and Art Club

Advisor: Ruth George

Technical Advisor for Photoshop: Gail Griffin

Location: WHS Media Center - Meets virtually on Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

PIECES Literary and Art Club meets every Friday after school in the Library Media Center. Pieces is a club where students get to practice their artistic abilities and collaborate together on their art and writing. Each semester they work hard to produce an amazing piece of work—our Literary and Art Magazine. All pieces of writing and/or art are coordinated to compliment each other. We are always working on improving and polishing the skills of our members, in a place where they can feel safe and secure. The main part of our meetings is collaboration using the Ekphrasis method, where either writing inspires art or art inspires writing. This process is very inspiring and a joy to behold as members scramble for a piece of art or writing to complement with their own creative ability. Throughout the year, we engage in many activities, workshops and field trips. We conduct workshops in Photoshop, Publisher, Styles of Writing, Styles of Art and Poetry. Each year during April, the Wethersfield Public Library hosts us in a Poetry and Art Slam, where the public is invited to attend.

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