Bicycle Club

Advisor: Thomas Brown Room: 401

Our club deals with all things bicycle. All styles, all appropriate perspectives. We fix, we ride, we decorate, sometimes we donate, we support each other, and we have good times. During good weather we'll be going out for rides. In poor weather we learn to fix bicycles. Mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross, cruisers, touring, BMX, vintage, new, old... If you like bicycles or cycling this is the club for you. Our club wants to do outreach to the greater school community. Other teachers and staff are welcome as well as students. No bike? Not a problem. We'll work on that. Want to fix up a bike for charity as part of your community service? Cool! You need a helmet and a signed permission slip on file. The art and science of bicycle culture come together in the bike club, where we are always "...keeping it wheel!"