Filing Insurance Claims

Procedures for Filing an Insurance Claim for an Athletic Injury

If a student-athlete is injured during a WHS athletic activity and the family will be seeking reimbursement from the Wethersfield Public School’s insurance, the following protocol should be followed to ensure correct paperwork has been completed and collected in a timely fashion. The Wethersfield Public School’s insurance (Bollinger) will commence once the family’s insurance has reached its limit.

  • Injuries that were not addressed by the WHS trainer or team doctor need to be reported to the coach immediately so notification can be sent to the AD office and the Nurse’s office. It is imperative that if a student-athlete seeks medical attention at a primary care physician’s office, walk-in center, or hospital that the coach is informed within 24 hours of the visit.

  • The next day the student-athlete is present at school, he/she must complete the “Loss Notice” form with the school nurse.

  • The student or parent should request, either verbally or in writing, to the school nurse that an “Insurance Claim Reimbursement” form is needed. This request should be made within 24 hours of completing the “Loss Notice” form. The school nurse will complete necessary information and MAIL home the Bollinger Insurance Claim Form.

  • Parents and/or guardians need to complete the bottom of the Bollinger Insurance Claim Form. After attaching bills to the claim form, parents/guardians should mail all pertinent documents to Bollinger Insurance Solutions. (All directions, company address, and phone number are on the back of the form.)

  • Correspondence about the reimbursement should now be between the parent/guardian and Bollinger Insurance Solutions. Questions for the Wethersfield Public Schools can be addressed to the Business Office at the Stillman Building.