Summer Reading


SDMS Celebrates the SDMS Summer Reading Scrapbook Completers and Top Summer Readers!

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SDMS Summer Reading Requirements/Expectations

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Choose three books that YOU WANT to read. They should be books you have not read before.
2. Log each book (title, author, genre, date finished) on a paper reading log OR on an online Google Form through the Wethersfield Library and earn prizes!
3. Turn your reading log into your Language Arts Teacher in September!
Dear SDMS Students,
Summer reading should be enjoyable and fun! That's why we don't tell you what to read--we simply ask that you pick three books of your choice to read! They should be books that you have never read before. We encourage you to read fiction and non-fiction and to choose from different genres. Audiobooks are a great choice as well! The author Sarah Darer Littman will be visiting SDMS in October so you may want to read some of her books!
When you finish a book, write it on the reading log or submit the information in the online reading form through the Wethersfield Library. Submitting it through the Wethersfield Library makes you eligible to earn prizes in their weekly raffles and your entries will be automatically shared with your teacher in September.
The completed and signed SDMS Summer Reading Log (OR the online Wethersfield Library Summer Reading Log) will be collected by your Language Arts Teachers the first week of school. Be prepared to talk about the books you read.
In addition, we are providing some fun enrichment activities to help you maintain your reading and writing skills and stay connected to other students.
Happy reading!
Ms. Poulos and the Language Arts Teachers

Summer Reading Log Options

Students can choose one of three options to log their books for summer reading.

1. Use the Wethersfield Library Google Form to easily log books and earn prizes in their weekly raffles. Entries will be automatically sent to SDMS Staff the first week of school.

2. Print and handwrite the books you read on a summer reading log.

3. Make a copy of an editable Google Doc and type the information. Share the document with your teacher in September.

Summer Reading Virtual Library

Reading Ideas

Can't find a book? Email me at for help!

PAC Sponsored Author Visit: Sarah Darer Littman

Consider reading a book by Sarah Darer LIttman who will be visiting Silas Deane in the fall!

1. Check out a slide show with information and trailers for her books.

2. Check out one of her books in Sora!

3. Prefer print books? Call (860-529-2665) or email ( the Wethersfield Library to arrange for curbside pickup of one of her books at the Wethersfield Library.

Enrichment Activities for Reading and Writing

Get connected to SDMS!

This year, students can get connected to other students through a number of fun reading and writing activities.

SDMS/WHS Library Teen Summer Book Group

Join Mrs. Poulos (SDMS Library Media Specialist) and Mrs. Szilagyi (WHS Library Media Specialist) in one or two book discussions this summer. Students can join the summer book group by joining the Teen Summer Book Group Google Classroom and filling out the Google Form to register. The first twenty students to register will receive a copy of the books in the mail. The book groups will be held on Wednesday, July 15 and Wednesday, August 12 at 7 p.m. in Google Meets. The books are: The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora and Nyxia.

Write YOUR Story as a poem and record it in the SDMS Poetry Flipgrid!

Students can write a poem telling their story--on distance learning, their beliefs, the summer--and record it on our SDMS Poetry Flipgrid. Simply click on link, log in with school Gmail, and record!

Complete the Summer Reading Choiceboard and Summer Challenge Scrapbook!

Have fun completing some of the activities in the choiceboard and documenting reading and writing activities in the Summer Challenge Scrapbook. Students can send Ms. Poulos their scrapbooks the first week of school and we'll share some of the best ones online! In addition, students who participate will be entered into a raffle to receive a free book of their choice!

SDMS Summer Reading:Writing Choice Challenge 2020 (3).pdf
SDMS Summer Reading Challenge Scrapbook 2020

Connect with other students and find out what they are reading in the SDMS Best Reads Flipgrid!

Students can record book suggestions or book reviews on our SDMS Reads FlipGrid. Videos are housed in a safe, closed environment. This is a great way to see what other students are reading to get book suggestions. Simply click on link, log in with school Gmail, and record!

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