Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

What is PBIS?

At Emerson-Williams Elementary School, we work very hard to deliberately teach all of our students the expected behaviors in every area of our school building. We have developed a clear matrix of what these expected behaviors are. Our school-wide core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Safety guide our students as they work hard to meet our expectations for behavior and academic effort. We strive each and every day to help our students develop self-discipline, and accept personal responsibility for their own actions. Throughout the school year, our students may earn special Tiger Paws of Recognition, individual awards at Town Hall Meetings, and admittance into social events if they show us they can demonstrate the expected behaviors in all areas of our school building.

PBIS Matrix

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Emerson-Williams PBIS Matrix

Three Levels of Unexpected Student Behaviors

Examples of Some Level 1 Behaviors

  • Talking at Unexpected Times
  • Getting Out of Seat at Unexpected Times
  • Calling Out
  • Making Disruptive Noises
  • Unprepared for Class
  • Not Completing Assigned Classwork
  • Loud Hallway Transitions

Examples of Some Level 2 Behaviors

  • Defiance / Disrespect Toward Adults
  • Teasing / Mean Behavior
  • Non-compliance
  • Technology Policy Violation
  • Persistent Disruption to Instruction
  • Profanity / Poor Language (Not Directed at Someone)
  • Plagiarism / Cheating / Forgery
  • Chronic Level 1 Behaviors

Examples of Some Level 3 Behaviors

  • Threatening Conduct
  • Harassment / Bullying
  • Skipping Class
  • Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco
  • Abusive Language (Directed at Someone)
  • Stealing
  • Vandalism / Property Damage
  • Skipping Assigned Detention
  • Fighting / Physical Aggression
  • Dangerous Objects / Weapons