Payment Methods


We have great news! In our continuing effort to provide the highest level of service, over the next few weeks we will be transitioning your account to for online school meal payments. This website

provides a number of key features you will find beneficial including:

  • Scheduled recurring payments
  • Automatic deposits when your child’s account balance runs low
  • Extended purchase history for the past 90 days

Important Things to Note About mySchoolBucks:

  • Your existing account information including login username/password and associated children will be carried over
  • to the mySchoolBucks website.
  • The convenience fee for cafeteria account deposits will be $1.95, which will cover all deposits made within a single transaction.
  • You may fund up to $120 per child, but you may pay for all of your children on a single transaction.
  • mySchoolBucks has the following payment methods available for use:
    • Visa®
    • Mastercard®
    • Discover®
    • Electronic Check
  • Due to legal requirements, we are unable to transfer your low balance email reminder settings from
  • If you would like to continue using this feature, you will need to set this up when mySchoolBucks becomes available.

To help answer some of your questions about this transition, we compiled a list of commonly asked questions in the provided link below:

Additional Resources:


The Point of Sale (POS) system has now been installed in all of our schools and has been very successful. By taking advantage of this system it will help manage your child’s lunch balance. Funds may be deposited at any time of the week by sending in a check (made out to Wethersfield Cafeteria Fund) or cash in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and ID number on it. Checks are the preferred method of payment.