Pieces Literary Magazine

Advisor: Ruth George

Location: Library Media Center

Pieces Literary Magazine meets every Thursday in the Media Center. We have 75 members in our club and growing weekly. It is a club where kids get to practice their artistic crafts and collaborate together on art and writing, to produce an amazing piece of work (our literary magazine). All pieces of writing and/or art are coordinated to compliment each other. We are a writing and art club, which aides in improving and polishing the skills of its members, in a place where they can feel safe, secure, and have a great time all at the same time! One aspect of our meetings is collaboration. Our artists take writing submitted by writing members and produce art to coordinate with the poem/prose given and our writers take the art submitted and produce a piece of writing to coordinate beautifully with the art that was chosen. The process is very inspiring and a joy to behold as members scramble for pieces of art and writing to work with. This group promotes writing and art collaboration on a daily basis! Another aspect and goal of this club is to get the members published. Members submit their artwork and/or writing, to nationwide contests and magazines, to gain scholarships, promote their craft, and receive acclaim. They are an amazingly talented group of students who never cease to amaze me with their skills and talents. Our members are always willing to step up to the plate, when requests for submissions are requested, collaborative efforts are necessary, or just helping each other in any method they are called upon to complete.