Hiking Club

Advisor: Cristina Russo

Location: 304

The Hiking Club meets biweekly or monthly depending on the time of year. Meetings at school will be in Room 304 on the first Tuesday of the month or at the specific week's previously planned meeting place - a park or trailhead.

The Hiking Club was founded out of inspiration of the 2020 lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic. Many students were not spending as much time as they should outdoors and it was imperative for the joy of hiking to not be lost on this generation. Our Club is focused on exposing students to breathtaking views and trails around the state while creating a fun, cohesive environment among students and faculty. Being outdoors and the act of hiking specifically have been scientifically proven to offer numerous physical, cognitive and emotional benefits, while also providing spiritual benefits and the soul fulfilling sensation of a walk in the woods. The opportunities that our Club provides for students enhances their lives during high school by providing a de-stressing form of exercise, knowledge about trail etiquette, exposure to parks and trails around the state and lifelong memories.