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Silas Deane Middle School Media Center

HOURS: Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.; Friday, 7:45 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.


Mrs. Poulos, Library Media Specialist/Teacher Librarian

Mrs. Taylor Zocco, Library Media Assistant

General Information About Media Center Happenings

Themed Thursdays: There have been a number of exciting events on Thursdays: Makedo Cardboard Creations, Literary Pumpkin Carving, Fall into a Good Book Cafe, Hot Cocoa Drop Everything and Read Cafe, Recycled Book Art Creations, Love a Book Cafe, Rubiks Cube Collaborative Mosaics, and More. These Themed Thursdays are a chance to make, create, and read and have fun!

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Orientation and Reading Resources


Resources for Student Use

Below are some of the excellent online subscriptions and a few other useful websites that students should use when conducting research or creating citations. Students were given a list of usernames and passwords for subscription databases during the September Orientations.

Search SDMS' library catalog for resources. As a guest, you can search the catalog. By logging into your own account, you can create lists of books, print them, see what you have checked out, place books on hold, and make "wishes" for purchase.

Students have access to five encyclopedias through Grolier Online - The New Book of Popular Science, the Encyclopedia Americana, the Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, the New Book of Knowledge and Lands and People. Grolier Online includes maps, periodicals, pictures with captions and listings of good websites in addition to encyclopedia articles.

Students have access to encyclopedia articles, websites, maps, pictures, video clips and animations when searching World Book Online.

BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. Great quick animated videos, quizzes, and worksheets to support student learning.

Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers provides students with comprehensive curricular support and self-help tools on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, diversity, family life, and more.

Students can search up to 71,000 content-specific video clips tied directly to state and national standards.

Power Knowledge Earth and Space Science, Physical Science and Life Science is an online resource specifically designed for easier reading for upper elementary and middle school students. Comprised of curriculum correlated content, the three PK databases offer research, report, and homework help. Database articles and interactive content support STEM learning initiatives.

Students can cite their sources, keep ongoing bibliographies, create outlines for research papers and take notes through electronic index cards through this site.

This site has a number of databases available to CT residents with a public library card. Kids Infobits, InfoTrak Junior, Discovering Collection, and Biography Resource Center are excellent databases for student use.

Search the catalog, look at their online databases, find an event to attend, or download audio books at our local library.

FreedomFlix offers interactve ebooks (with weblinks, short video clips) on U.S. History. Watch, read, and learn, It features easy to read non-fiction on the following topics: Revolutionary Era, Our Government, Westward Expansion, Immigration, Civil War, Economy, 20th Century, Today's World, and War.

Overdrive holds our collection of downloadable eBooks and audiobooks. Students may download these to a personal device or view eBooks through an Internet browser. On mobile devices, students must download the free App.

TurnItIn is a similarity checker that allows students to check their paper for unintended similarity and/or plagiarism.

Need To Review The Anatomy Of A Website?

See if you can find the four key parts:

  1. Who wrote it or published/sponsored it? (author or sponsor of site)
  2. What is it called (title)?
  3. Where was it published (URL or city)?
  4. When was it published (e-publication date)?


Plagiarism Can Have Serious Consequences

7th Grade: Evaluating Sources

Look for:

  • Currency (When was it published?)
  • Relevance/Reliability(What is the content? Does it relate?)
  • Authority (Who wrote it or sponsored the site?)
  • Accuracy (Is the information complete, correct, accurate?)
  • Purpose (Why was the site/article created?)

Holocaust/World War II Documentary Project Links

Holocaust Links:

For video clips:

Go to: Assignments--Go to page 4 of assignments. Open folder titled: Holocaust/World War II

The Resistance

Hitler Youth