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Introducing Students Back Into Building:

We will gradually reintroduce all students to the physical building setting in two-week increments as follows:

On November 2nd, the entire 7th Grade Green Team and the entire 8th Grade Magenta Team will fully return to in-person learning at SDMS.

On November 16th, the entire 7th Grade Orange Team and the entire 8th Grade Indigo Team will return to in-person learning at SDMS.

On November 30th, the entire 7th grade Crimson Team, and the entire 8th Grade Turquoise Team will return to in-person learning at SDMS.


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A note from SDMS Administrators:

Thank you all for the feedback you have offered and continued encouragement and communication with us. Your ongoing communication and partnership is what will help SDMS continue to be the success it always has been. During the Open Houses, we received valuable feedback about the need to share more specific expectations for students when they are working remotely on their off cohort days, remote Wednesdays, or working fully remotely. Our teachers are trying their best to keep all students actively engaged, and we are sure you can appreciate the challenges they experience with both live and remote students at the same time. We also heard the need for some additional clarification on Remote Wednesday. We have compiled some information that will guide us all as we continue along with this journey. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we address things as they arise during the adjustment to the new instructional models. We are pleased that many students are already adhering to the expectations and etiquette for remote learning, this document will serve as a guide to assure that all stakeholders are on the same page. We appreciate your continued support and partnership to help every student succeed. Sincerely, Rosalyn Bannon, Principal Cyndi Fries, Assistant Principal

Remote Learning Expectations:

● Students need to have their cameras on unless the teacher indicates otherwise or a special exception has been made. ○ We find that what we thought would be an exception is becoming a pattern. Students at home are not putting their cameras on; this proves challenging to monitor for engagement. ○ Keeping the camera on will allow the teacher to see if someone at home wishes to contribute or ask a question, (raising a hand) and it is much easier than monitoring the chat box while providing instruction. ○ Cameras being on will allow our remote and in-person learners to have a similar experience. This will help the class build a sense of community with one another; it’s difficult to connect with a letter.

● Students must log in to all of their classes on time and remain logged in unless directed by the teacher. We observed that many students log in and out of class at random times. We understand when connectivity issues occur, but teachers note that some students are electing to drop in and out at will, causing the need for the teacher to go back and adjust attendance. Students working remotely need to be in attendance for a minimum of half a day to be considered present. Teachers are reporting that some students enter class only for attendance, then do not actively participate at all. Teachers realize a student is no longer attending because when they call on a student there is no answer despite a letter showing on the screen. When this is the case, students will not receive credit for attending the class.

● Students should treat the remote school day as if they were in the school building. A major part of middle school is to actively participate in class discussions and classwork. We see that some students, even when the camera is on, are still not actively participating in class. Teachers are reporting that students are still in bed, falling asleep, watching TV, playing on their phones or X Box, leaving the camera on and leaving the room, and/or playing music in the background that then broadcasts to the classroom. Obviously all of these things cause a distraction and disruption to the learning environment, whether in person or remote.

Remote Wednesday Clarification

Student Attendance on Remote Wednesdays:

The CSDE and district have developed guidelines for us to follow on Remote Wednesdays. To meet these guidelines, SDMS is implementing a Wednesday schedule that while being mostly asynchronous, will still allow for staff to check in with students, meet with certain groups of students, and complete assignments posted to Google Classroom to keep them engaged. Please read the following guidelines:

● Starting on September 23rd and moving forward. Students will have an assigned Advisory teacher who will send an invitation to join a Google Meet for remote Wednesdays. Students will be responsible for logging into a Google Meet at 8 am each Remote Wednesday. The assigned Advisory teacher will take attendance and record it in PowerSchool. (Please check PowerSchool prior to Wednesday morning, as some advisory groups may have been adjusted)

● Eventually, this time will be extended into an Advisory class devoted to Attendance, Social-Emotional Learning, and Second Step lessons. Second Step is a curriculum devoted to social-emotional growth and well being. This is also an excellent time for students and teachers to discuss strategies for improved engagement and academics and continue to build relationships as a school community.

● Students will have independent work to complete assigned to them on Monday and/or Tuesday or even posted on Wednesday morning - asynchronous learning.

● Students may have scheduled meets assigned by teachers, tutors, or paraprofessionals for follow up, feedback, review, or extensions of lessons or skills- synchronous learning.

● SDMS students can attend optional office hours with teachers for extra help, questions, or clarity on assignments. Remote Work Wednesdays are not to serve as a “catch up” day. While Remote Wednesdays are not a day for introducing new concepts or formal lessons to take place, teachers will be posting assignments for students to work on asynchronously. This can also be a time for students to work on long-term projects, assignments, and research. Remote Wednesdays are not a “day off” for students or staff.


In order to stay healthy and safe, we all must wear a mask, practice social distancing and practice good health hygiene. Everyone also needs to wear their ID badge, come to school with a fully charged Chromebook and keep cell phones turned off and placed safely away in your backpacks.

Breakfast is available to every student for free. Start your day off by fueling your body with some energy for the morning! Hot lunch is also now available to all students at no cost. If you would like to get lunch from the cafeteria, please be sure to fill out the Google Form to order your lunch at the beginning of each day. We need to get an accurate count of how many students would like lunch so that the cafeteria staff can prepare enough food for the day. Please be sure that if you filled out the Google form indicating that you would like lunch, that you go pick it up from the cafeteria.

Here at SDMS, we place a premium on demonstrating kind actions and using kind words. Everyone is expected to be treated with kindness because kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give! We also believe in having a positive attitude. Always think to yourself, “Yes I Can”. There is nothing you can’t accomplish if you put in the effort and try your best.

Keep smiling behind the mask!

Have a great day.



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