Traffic Flow

As many of you know, Emerson-Williams School has re-configured parking lot. This design allows for more parking and a better flow of traffic. The most important aspect, however, is that the improvements have increased the safety factors for our children. Please refer to the map below.

  • Busses and school vans will enter and exit at the traffic light on Wells Road. Please note on the sign the times that vehicles cannot enter at the traffic light.
  • Parents who are dropping off their children will enter at the entrance denoted by the one-way sign on Wells Road (arrows on the map). Please proceed as close to the school as possible along the sidewalk and drop your child off. Please make sure that students exit from the passenger side of the vehicle onto the sidewalk. The child will then enter the school.
  • If you park in the designated area for parents/visitors, please exit your car and walk your child to the crossing guard. The crossing guard will be at the corner of the school.
  • Parents who have dropped off their children will then exit following the arrows indicated on the map. Please do not take a left and cross through the staff or parent/visitor parking lots. Follow the arrows around the parking lot to the exit. Please note that there will be two lanes exiting the parking lot. This is a new feature and will allow for a quicker flow of traffic and less congestion.
  • Parents will pick up their child in the same area (sidewalk). Please make sure that your child enters into the passenger side of the car. Children who are being picked up at the sidewalk will not be allowed to go into the parking lot without an adult.
  • If you have parked in the designated area for parents and visitors, and you are picking up your child, please exit your car and greet your child on the sidewalk. Again, children will not be allowed to go into the parking lot without an adult.
  • Walkers will have access to a new sidewalk which starts at the top of Wells Road. Students must stay on the sidewalks at all times.

The staff at Emerson-Williams appreciates your cooperation in this matter. Your child’s safety is paramount to all of us.