2020 Summer Reading & Independent Learning Activities

Summer Reading Information

As you prepare your summer schedule, please don’t forget to include time to read and to continue to develop other life long learner habits. We will be again partnering with the Wethersfield Public Library on Summer Reading and this year's theme is Imagine Your Story. The purpose of requiring summer reading and other learning activities is to encourage students to become lifelong readers and learners. Research is clear- students can experience “summer loss” that can be equivalent to three months of learning if they don’t read throughout the summer. This research coupled with the current pandemic and the Distance Learning model makes summer learning even more important.

How do I log the books that have been read? Or the books that my child has read?

We expect all students to participate in summer reading activities by reading books and/or listening to stories read aloud. Students are required to keep track of the books they have read by logging their books through the Wethersfield Public Library Summer Reading Program. Please use the links below to sign up and to log your books.

You can also keep a paper log of your summer reading. Elementary students logs can be found here. SDMS and WHS also offer printable or editable reading logs for those who prefer to hand write or edit directly in a Google Doc. These are available on the SDMS Summer Reading Web Page and WHS Summer Reading Web Page.

What reading goals would be appropriate to set for elementary students?

At the elementary level, we recommend that each child should read, or be read to, each and every day. If a busy schedule makes this difficult, please set goals for your students in grades K-2 to read (or be read to) for at least 60 minutes a week and students in grades 3-6 should be reading at least 120 minutes per week.

What reading goals would be appropriate for middle school and high school students?

For students entering grades 7 and 8, please visit the SDMS Summer Reading Webpage for more information. SDMS students are expected to read or listen to three books of their choice and keep a reading log. Students entering grades 9-12 should visit the WHS Summer Reading Webpage for more information related to the summer reading requirements for each grade/course. In addition, the SDMS/WHS Library Media Specialists are offering a virtual SDMS/WHS Teen Summer Book Club which students have the option of joining.

Participate in the Wethersfield Public Library and WPS Summer Reading Program

WethLib Summer Reading 2020 (1).pdf

Summer Learning: Digital Resources for Independent Learning

Wethersfield Public Schools also offers a broad array of digital learning resources available for families looking to continue to provide independent learning opportunities for students during the summer months. Please visit our Summer Continuous Learning Resource Center website. If you are looking for guidance on independent learning opportunities for your child, please contact your his/her teacher prior to the end of the school year for specific digital learning resources and areas of focus that would be beneficial during the summer months.

Practice Your Math Facts!

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division:


Math skills for preschool through second grade students:


Practice everything from basic math skills to geometry:


At the time that this summer mathematics packet was created, the websites listed were checked by teachers and deemed child appropriate. However, parents should always monitor their child’s use of any Internet site.

Summer Math Road Trip Activities

Practice and Enrich Math Skills: Students are encouraged, but not required, to complete the following math activities which may be downloaded.

Suggested Reading Lists

Explore the Nutmeg Book Award Nominees this summer!

Multiple copies are available at the Wethersfield Public Library and on OverDrive.

2021 Elementary Nutmeg Nominees (grades 2-3)

2021 Intermediate Nutmeg Nominees (grades 4-6)

2021 Teen Nutmeg Nominees (grades 7-8)

2021 High School Nutmeg Nominees (grades 9-12)

For students entering grades 7 -12, please visit the SDMS Summer Reading Webpage or the WHS Summer Reading Webpage for more suggested reading lists.

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Suggested Reading Lists