Wethersfield Social Justice Coalition

The Wethersfield Social Justice Steering Committee invites you to a series of online presentations about the Coalition and topics related to equity, diversity, race and cultural responsiveness. In order to create significant and sustainable change, it is important that the coalition has a collective commitment to learning, sharing perspectives and working collaboratively to bring forward meaningful change for Wethersfield. Membership in the SJC will consist of diverse representatives who are Wethersfield residents and business representatives. The Coalition hopes to have representatives consisting of community agencies, elected officials, students, parents, town staff, BOE staff, and residents who represent the diverse backgrounds including different religions, experiences, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, role in the community or other status.

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WSJC Meetings & Committee Members

Please read the latest Newsletter for upcoming meetings:

WSJC Steering Committee Members


Session Videos

WSJC 9 30 21.mp4

WSJC Meeting 9/30/21

WSJC 8 19 21.mp4

WSJC Meeting 8/19/21

WSJC 72221.mp4

WSJC Meeting 7/22/21

PDF Documents

Wethersfield Social Justice Coalition-Informational Sessions-9-30 & 10-14-2020.pdf
Flyer PR Wethersfield Coalition for Social Justice Community Sept 2020.pdf