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Green Cleaning Program in Schools


Asbestos Management Plan


Department of Maintenance and Operations

100 Marsh Street

Wethersfield, CT 06109


TO: Wethersfield residents, staff members & students

FROM: Frederick A. Bushey, Director of Maintenance and Operations

SUBJECT: Wethersfield residents, staff members & students

DATE: School Year 2015-2016


The Wethersfield Public Schools is required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to comply with that agency’s regulations pertaining to asbestos-containing materials in public school buildings. In compliance with these requirements, all Wethersfield school facilities were inspected for the presence, extent and condition of such materials. EPA regulations also provide that all public school buildings are required to be re-inspected at least once every three years. The results of the inspections and twice a year re-inspections are summarized in the Asbestos Management Plan, which is prepared by an independent asbestos-consulting firm. The Asbestos Management Plan identifies the locations of any asbestos-containing materials, as well as a description of the recommended management options. A copy of the current Asbestos Management Plan is available for your review in each principal’s office and at the Office of the Director Maintenance & Operations, 100 Marsh St.

Pool Chlorine Letter and Daily Pool Reading Information





(860) 571-8223

FAX (860) 721-2847

To the residents, staff and students of Wethersfield High School;

During the week of December 2nd, 2013, a new chlorinator was installed at the Wethersfield High School pool. Chlorine is added gradually, automatically through this system and is monitored by a milli-volt control panel. This system was up and operational approximately two (2) weeks before the Christmas holiday. As I am sure you are aware that the pool and the entire Wethersfield High School was shut down over the holiday period for asbestos abatement. During this time maintenance of the pool was still happening as readings were taken for chlorine and Ph levels daily. All readings taken indicated that the Ph and chlorine were permissible.

Upon returning from holiday and into the schools’ normal schedule, Marty Sitler, Recreational Supervisor for the Parks & Recreation Dept. called me Tuesday January 7 to tell me that he had been fielding phone calls from parents of the youngsters that utilize the pool after normal school hours stating that some of the children’s bathing suits seemed to be turning color as if they were being bleached out. I decided at that time to call our vendor, Savol Pools to have them come out and check out our system.

Thursday morning representatives from Savol Pools came to the school to see if something had gone awry. They brought their own testing equipment fearing that there may be something wrong with ours. Chlorine levels had escalated above safe operational levels. I immediately contacted Mr. Moore, Principal at WHS and Mr. Sitler to shut down all classes and extra-curricular activity until the problem could be rectified. It was found that the controller was over compensating for the correct amount of chlorine to be added from the chlorinator. In all of the testing that was done we were getting erroneous readings for both styles of testing. The representative from Savol indicated that due to the chlorine level being as high as it was the tests were getting bleached out thus the improper readings. The pool was backwashed several times and fresh water added along with chlorine neutralizer to drop the chlorine level.

I have retained Savol Pools for an added preventative measure to come to the building once a month (or more frequently if needed) for testing and calibration of our equipment. They will also test the water for chlorine, Ph and alkalinity. Additional members of my staff will be taking the two (2) day Certified Pool Operator training class to insure that we have redundancy for expertise. I have instructed Mr. Owen to test the water at least three (3) times a day to insure proper operation. Results will be posted under Facilities and Maintenance. The posting shall be one (1) reading daily.

Fred Bushey

Director of Maintenance & Operations

Wethersfield Public Schools


Pool Reading as of 05/01//14

Water pool 80.

Chlorine in pool 1.6

pH in pool 7.4

Water temp. under pool 82.

Chlorine under pool 1.6

pH under pool 7.4

Shower temp. 112.

Air temp.76.5

Humidity 53%

Tools for Schools

March 12, 2012

Dear Staff Member:

This month, the Wethersfield Public Schools begins a new program, Tools for Schools, to monitor and improve indoor air quality in our schools. This letter accompanies specific guidance prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that shows how you can help to make this program a success. All information regarding Tools for Schools can be found posted on our website under “Facilities & Maintenance Operations.” read more

Introduction Video - Tools for Schools: Indoor Air Quality

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