Bus Routes

2021-22 Bus Routes

Individual Schools:

(updated 8/23/21)

CW | EW | HC | HN | SW | SDMS | WHS

Attention Parents and Guardians

Wethersfield Public Schools bus routes are devised with centrally located bus stops to serve the most students in one particular area or on a certain road. Each year, changes are made based on enrollment and residency. A bus stop that existed at a defined address for last school year may have changed to a new address for the current school year. A bus stop is intended to be at or close to the address of the youngest student in a particular area or on a certain road. If you do not see your home address listed, please direct your child or children to the nearest and safest bus stop on the route. If you need clarification, please contact the Business Office and we can provide parents and guardians with the information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Department of Business Services is responsible for providing, coordinating, and improving all aspects of pupil transportation. Primary functions of pupil transportation coordination include contract negotiations with providers; route coordination; providing transportation to activities outside the school day; and ensuring a safe and cost-effective means of transporting all eligible Wethersfield Public Schools students.